In an ever expanding world where limitless opportunity abounds, we realize that there is no limitation to what can be achieved. That is why we provide a vast range of services in the logistics and transportation industry

The customs clearance services offered by us supports faster and stress free clearance of shipment be it import or export. We not only do the clearing job for our client with the use of our expertise and updated technologies to ensure that the supply chains of our clients remains steady and reliable but also give support and guidance to our clients to handle sensitive procedures of custom clearance with taking full responsibility. Our customs clearance spans across both Air and Sea freight.

Our packing and removal services are tailored to accommodate your timeline, budget and all your movables. With our tailored-made packing and removal services, we will take care of the loading, transportation and unloading phases and in some cases, warehousing. Basstop Integrated Services manage the each project from start to finish with a comprehensive planning, implementation, and execution. As an added value, we also unpack everything arranging them in the right place as you want them. We have created several flexible option for our client to choose from.

We also provide consultation services as regards packing and removal of movables from one location to another. This includes home relocation services, industrial relocation, office relocation, construction debris removal, toxic waste removal and medical waste removal. We also make available the supplies and support tools needed in delivering these services. Our aim to make packing and removal easy and stress free is achieved by helping our clients maximize resources to the best of their advantage as we deliver our services while using global standards as a benchmark and keeping our clients apprise of every step of the way.

One of our core strength is in home and office packing. We understand that office and home furniture is usually extremely delicate and it requires a high level of expertise. Therefore, our thoroughbred and experienced staff takes time to carefully dismantle the furniture and wrap it up for transporting thereby preventing any damage. We also make sure that the furniture is reassembled on getting to the destination.

As a progressive thinking company, we understand that global mobility might be driven by growth opportunities, mergers and acquisitions or the implementation of new business strategies. To meet these organizational challenges, Basstop Integrated Service Limited considers cultural, political, legal and organizational constraints while addressing such needs as regulatory compliance, cost management amongst others. We are expert in global relocation from finding real estate properties, carrying out equipment or furniture relocation, exporting and taking responsibility of all the paper works in relations to clearing of the properties involved which allows you or your company focus more on its business. purpose of production of goods and services are to meet a particular demand in time and at the convenience of the end user. This is why we at BASSTOP like to lend our helping hand to our client in making sure their products and service get to the door step of their customers. Our experienced, professional and progressive thinking team is always hands on deck to make sure our clients gets value for the services we render. With an affordable, time conscious, same day and next day door to door delivery service, we have been able to keep our clients going.

Basstop Integrated Service Limited offer transportation of various products ranging from petroleum products, agricultural products, heavy duty equipment, building materials, cargo transporting and other raw or finished products. Our haulage services are not restricted by location as we operate both locally, on interstate level, regionally and globally. Our means and method are up to standard with more than enough capacity to carry out any haulage. We pride ourselves in timely delivery, safety of goods and services handled with expertise with an assurance of hitch free transit giving our client maximum peace of mind.

Basstop Integrated Service Limited provides a worldwide network for all your air freight needs, with guaranteed and time defined services, supported by preferred airline partner. We offer competitive rates for time and cost requirement. All end to end logistics processes are supported by leading-edge information management systems, providing our clients with the entire shipment information. With our dedicated, skilled and experienced staff, we can manage and move single or complex shipments by air at any time and to any place with the guarantee of time definite delivery.

Our years of experience, partnerships with shipping companies and our global network allow us offer highly flexible and reliable ocean freight services on all world ocean. We are well positioned to provide cost effective domestic and international transportation of containerized Full Container Load (FCL), Less Than Container Load (LCL), Oversized Cargo, and Roll on – Roll off Cargo by Ocean.

Basstop offers a variety of additional ocean freight services including:

  • Shipping husbandry services.
  • Clearance of vessel such as inward and outward movement of vessel.
  • Processing the NPA provisional bill.
  • Vessel boarding with government agencies.
  • Submission of inward and outward manifest.
  • Declaration of vessel at berthing meeting, attend voyage meeting, processing of temporary importation and bank bond.

Creating efficient and effective warehousing and distribution system is an extremely important initiative that is vital to supply chain management and the global economy. Basstop Integrated Service Limited is highly equipped to accommodate storage and inventory, having at the back of our mind that goods cannot always be in transit and will need a place to be stored. Our staffs are well trained in the area of inventory and storage related issues.

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